Private Pilot Course

Private Pilot Course

FAA Minimum Requirements:

40 Hours Flight Time
20 Hours Instruction

Due to the performance standards set by the FAA, the minimum time is usually not sufficient for the average student to become proficient in the required maneuvers to pass the FAA flight test.

The average pilot applicant may expect approximately 50-60 hours total flight time. The following figures reflect the approximate cost for a student who finishes the course in 50 hours using a C172P.

60 Hrs Flight Time (Plane Rental) $7020
30 Hrs Grnd/Flight Instruction (payable to instructor) $1820
Books, Fuel Tester, etc. $350
FAA Medical (3rd Class) $75
FAA Flight Test (payable to Examiner) $450
FAA Written Test $165

Approximate Total Cost for Private License $9140

Christiansen Aviation is now Introducing:
Cessna's Private Pilot Training: Cleared for Takeoff

For just $349.00 the Cessna Flight Training System makes sure you are ready for every flight lesson.

**The Cessna Flight Training System combines your flight training and ground school into an integrated series of paired flight lessons and labs.

**Before each flight, you see a video demonstration of everything you will do in the air.

**Because your ground school and flight lessons are paired together logically, you learn faster, retain more, stay ahead of your training, and get your rating quicker than through the more traditional approaches.

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